About Us

From the tiny cobblestone streets of Italy to elevating your next event, Bevi e Vivi offers a luxury experience with a uniquely European twist. We took our 1991 three-wheel Piaggio Ape and transformed it into a mobile, vintage-inspired beverage bar. Bevi e Vivi was custom-designed to include a five-tap system that serves bubbles, beer, and all the bevis in between. 

Bevi e Vivi is family owned &operated.

Our father was born and raised in Italy, and our most cherished family memories are of summers spent exploring the Italian coastline with our parents. Our custom Piaggio Ape reminds us of our roots and sparks memories of those warm, carefree European summers. With Bevi e Vivi, we can bring anyone along for the ride to experience Pescara, Italy the way we did growing up. 

 In Italian, “Bevi e Vivi” means “drink and live,” which captures our mission perfectly: to inspire you to enjoy all of life’s celebrations.

With over a decade of bartending experience, we're passionate about bringing people together with delicious drinks and exceptional service.

Bevi e Vivi will act as the vehicle that transports you and your guests to our favorite place with creative cocktails and our promise to treat everyone like family.

Bevi e Vivi will travel anywhere in New England to bring coastal Italian charm to your event.

Let us share a piece of our heart with you.

Let us share a piece of our heart with you.

Meet  Viviana


(the inspiration behind our name)